Institutions with Best Paper Awards

List of institutions and their adjusted counts of best paper awards

Credit is given in decreasing author order as customary in many fields. First authors are given 1 point, second authors are given 0.5 points, third authors are given 0.33 points, etc. These points are then divided by the sum of points for that paper, i.e. normalizing it. This ranking may be inaccurate or incomplete, may not reflect the current state of best paper awards, and is not an official list. If you are not satisfied with the ranking listed here, please disregard it.

University of Washington57.3
Carnegie Mellon University52.2
Stanford University47.3
Massachusetts Institute of Technology43.4
University of California, Berkeley31.5
University of Michigan22.7
Cornell University20.5
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign19.1
University of Toronto18.3
University of Texas at Austin15.1
University of British Columbia13.4
Georgia Institute of Technology12.8
University of California, San Diego11.5
University of Massachusetts Amherst11.2
University of Maryland10.9
Princeton University10.7
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne10.6
University of Oxford10.6
University of Cambridge10.6
University of California, Irvine9.8
University of Wisconsin–Madison9.4
Columbia University8.8
University of Waterloo8.4
University of Chicago7.4
Peking University7.3
National University of Singapore7.2
McGill University6.9
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology6.7
Tel Aviv University6.6
Tsinghua University6.4
ETH Zurich6.4
University of California, Los Angeles6.3
Weizmann Institute of Science6.2
Royal Institute of Technology5.8
University of Nottingham5.7
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology5.6
Oregon State University5.5
Brown University5.5
New York University5.5
Rutgers University5.4
The Chinese University of Hong Kong5.4
Northwestern University5.4
Aarhus University5.2
Ohio State University5.2
Rice University5.1
University of Edinburgh5.0
University of Colorado Boulder4.9
University of Pennsylvania4.9
AT&T Laboratories4.9
University of Copenhagen4.8
Newcastle University4.8
Purdue University4.8
University of Bristol4.7
Aalto University4.7
Max Planck Institute for Informatics4.7
University College London4.6
Technical University of Berlin4.5
University of Alberta4.5
Delft University of Technology4.4
University of Melbourne4.3
University of Virginia4.2
University of Paris-Sud4.2
NEC Labs America4.1
Virginia Tech4.1
North Carolina State University4.1
Hasso Plattner Institute4.0
TU Wien3.9
Iowa State University3.9
Singapore Management University3.9
Bell Labs3.8
Chinese Academy of Sciences3.8
Hewlett Packard3.7
University of Nebraska–Lincoln3.7
DePaul University3.7
University of California, Davis3.6
Saarland University3.6
University of Southern California3.5
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill3.4
College of William & Mary3.4
University of Notre Dame3.3
University of Auckland3.3
Imperial College London3.3
Indiana University Bloomington3.2
Harvard University3.1
Pennsylvania State University3.0
BBN Technologies3.0
University of Minnesota3.0
University of Warsaw3.0
University of Luxembourg2.9
University of Sheffield2.9
Northeastern University2.8
University of Lancaster2.8
Simon Fraser University2.8
University of Maryland, Baltimore County2.7
Politecnico di Milano2.7
Zhejiang University2.7
University of Zurich2.7
RMIT University2.6
University of Paderborn2.6
Université catholique de Louvain2.6
New York University Tandon School of Engineering2.5
University of Tokyo2.5
Johns Hopkins University2.5
Duke University2.4
Hong Kong Polytechnic University2.4
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems2.4
University of Glasgow2.4
Case Western Reserve University2.4
University at Buffalo2.4
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria2.4
University of Saskatchewan2.4
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago2.3
VMware Inc.2.3
RWTH Aachen University2.3
Concordia University2.3
Eindhoven University of Technology2.2
University of Amsterdam2.2
University of Oregon2.2
Disney Research2.2
University of Canterbury2.2
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven2.1
Trinity College Dublin2.1
California Institute of Technology2.1
University of Stuttgart2.1
University of Calgary2.1
TU Darmstadt2.1
Nanjing University2.0
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa2.0